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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 14, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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oned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: next on "special report," president obama lashes out at what he calls a cozy relationship between big oil and big government. we'll preview the high-stakes value for the pennsylvania democratic senate nomination. could elena kagan's history in the executive branch provide a glimpse of what she would be like on the supreme court? live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm shannon bream inner for b e for bret ba. president obama says the federal government has some responsibility for the b.p. oil spill and vows things will change. team coverage, major garrett will show us the president's outburst but we start david lee miller from venice, on the efforts to stop the flow of oil. >> reporter: government and b.p. said the oil leak in the
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gulf is gushing at 200,000 gallons a day. now some scientists say the rate could be much higher. how much higher? 12 times as much. that would mean in excess of over 2 million gallons daily. if true, that means more oil has already spilled in the gulf than during the entire exxon valdez disaster in prince william sound in 1989. b.p. says the main focus now is containing the spill. they're trying to insert six-inch tube in 21-inch pipe spewing oil. the plan is to siphon off the oil as if it were a straw and bring it to a tanker on the surface. b.p. says it expects the plan to work but has a contingency in place. >> our second alternative to capture the flow is the top-hat similar. t -- top-hat system. it's the alternative choice. everybody knows the people of this region and all of us associated with the exercise knows the most important thing to do is find a way as
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expediently as possible to stop the flow. >> reporter: meanwhile, byproduct is balls of tarp washed up by the residue. they're washing up in the size of pancakes and others have circumference of a nickel. significant amount of oil washing up on a louisiana island used as a bird sanctuary. wildlife workers rescued a state pelican that was coated with oil. but the fear is there will be more endangered animals and they won't receive the same medical attention. there is good news tonight. authorities say they believe most of the oil is largely offshore. and that is where they want to keep it. they are using containment booms and chemicals to try to clean up the oil, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty tonight how much oil is actually out there and when if ever will it all be cleaned up. shannon? >> shannon: david lee miller, thank you. the president said there is
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plenty of blame to go around for the continuing oil spill disaster. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on a president growing increasingly frustrated. >> reporter: the white house released this photo of a mini cabinet meeting on the oil spill hoping to convey the image of presidential action. but as president obama prepared to update the nation on the spill's ever-widening arc of environmental devastation, sense of helplessness gripped the federal government, from the failed effort to stop the leak or the inability to say out much oil is leaking every day from one mile under water. >> there have been varying reports in the last few days how large the leak is. since no one can get down there in person we know there is a level of uncertainty. >> reporter: the rig operator british oil giant b.p. sees mounting failure. to trap the oil or stop the leak. >> we don't know why they didn't work. we're applying the best minds and capabilities and we're doing things that haven't been done before. >> reporter: environmentalists say the
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flow of oil and plague it's spreading are much worse than previously disclosed. >> this is probably the greatest environmental disaster in american history, upwards of 25,000 barrels of oil are still leaking every day. >> reporter: that makes the president mad and he lowered the boom internally and externally much harder externally ridiculing testimony before congress this week from the three companies involved in the leak. >> i did not appreciate what i considered to be a ridiculous spectacle, with executives of b.p., transocean and halliburton, falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else. >> reporter: with interior secretary ken salazar at his side, mr. obama said cozy relationships between the oil industry and the minimals management service that reports to salazar led to environmental shortcuts. but critics say the fault lies squarely be california, who stood by while his regulators exempted b.p.'s now leaking deepwater horizon project from an environmental impact study and develople of an oil leak response plan that might have lessened the
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ecological catastrophe. >> had the proper review procedures been followed there is a high chance that the permit would not have been issued and almost a certainty we would have a better response than we're having right now. >> reporter: the president said he wants the oil leak capped asap, but everyone knows that is not going to happen. the president praised the use and deployment of hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical disbursements, but there is mounting evidence that they may be harming or killing the sea life, including the birds, tortoises, sea turtle as rather and dolphins. >> shannon: no easy solutions. major garrett at the white house. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: america's news headquarters starts off tonight in pennsylvania where democrats have a big choice to make next tuesday. do they support a former republican who is running for senate under their flag for the first time, or go with the democratic congressman looking to switch jobs? chief political correspondent carl cameron has a preview from philadelphia. >> reporter: congressman joe sestak underdog in pennsylvania's white-hot
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senate democratic primary has come from behind to lead last-minute polls by sowing voter distrust of the republican turned democratic senat senator. >> there is no way we'll trust somebody who said we'll switch party. >> reporter: endorsed by the philadelphia area black clergy today, arlen specter once thought running as a democrat would be easier this year, but both parties distrust the dischanging parties. his position is on defense. >> there has been an independent record and a record where i evaluate one what is good for the people of my state and nation and vote accordingly. >> he is going to fight for you regardless of what the politics are. i love you and i love arlen specter! >> reporter: specter tops the president support on the air but will get no last-minute visit. mr. obama did it in new jersey and massachusetts and the democrats lost. sestak uses history like a knife to undercut specter's presidential support. >> arlen specter is the right
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man for the united states senate. i have can count on this man. he's a firm ally. that's important. >> he switched parties to save one job. his. not yours. >> specter has attacked sestak's military service. >> joe sestak, relieved of duty in the navy for creating a poor command client. >> retired sestak has not released his military papers and said he asked to step down because his daughter developed brain cancer. the poll shows sestak leading 44-41%. he's also hitting saying he will support elena kagan, though specter was the only one to pose her last year for solicitor general. >> he picks the justices on how they affect the electoral process. >> he says his skin is thicker than a rhinoceros. >> it does not hurt me. i am in a tough line of work
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and i'm used to being challenged. >> reporter: when specter quit the g.o.p. to run for senate as a democrat, he shot to the top of the poll last year and many democrats said the nomination was his to lose. it looks that he may in fact do that come tuesday. last year, specter quit the g.o.p. come tuesday, the democrats may quit him. bret? >> shannon: it will be a good one on tuesday, carl. glad you're there. well, sarah palin picked her candidate in the south carolina governor's race. the former alaska governor is endorsing state representative hailey, the only woman in the contest. palin says women who she calls "mama grizzlies" will lead a national republican wave in november. get a look at the important senate races, join bret baier at 9:00 eastern time this sunday for first in a series of fox news specials titled "inside campaign 2010." president obama pick to run custom and protection border agency may have
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>> shannon: we have word of new arrests tonight in the times square bombing attempt. national correspondent catherine herridge is here with details. good evening. >> thank you, shannon. a senior u.s. official tells fox there has been a handful of arrests in pakistan as a result of the times square investigation. all of the men are believed to have ties to the pakistani taliban. among the group a friend of faisal shahzad who was picked up may 5 in karachi. pakistani intelligence sources tell fox the man "confessed to having ties to the pakistani taliban and he may be the link between shahzad and the senior member of the group identified to fox as kari hussein. tonight, new information about the three men picked in raids in boston, new jersey an long island. authorities say they supplied money to him but it's not clear if they knew it was for
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the bomb plot. they believe he got money at a handoff at a dunkin' donuts in new york. they effected the name of nidal hasan, and umar farouk abdulmutallab and faisal shahzad. a website said, "the average muslim does not need to go to afghanistan or pakistan in order to attend training camp and learn how to fight the american enemy." likewise, he does not need to be an expert or professional in making bombs or explosives to attack the u.s. "other chatters encourages followers to leave suspicious packages in public places so the american public becomes decencitized to threat -- desensitized to threats. >> shannon: frightening news. thank you. in world news, troops in thailand opened fire on anti-government protesters in bangkok.
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ten people were killed, 125 were wounded demonstrators called rid shirts occupied part of the city since mid-march and violence escalated thursday after the killing of an advisor for the red shirts. momentum for insurgents has stopped but no one is winning at this point. general stanley mcchrystal said on pbs the success is critical for the afghan people believing this their own future. eight people were killed in attack at soccer match in northern iraq. 120 others were wounded. the car bombing came as the new leader of al-qaeda in iraq warn shiites face what he called dark days soaked with blood. al-qaeda may be getting a helping hand from the iranian government. that has not always been the case, but mike emanuel reports from the pentagon, the relationship apparently has evolved because of a common adversary. >> reporter: one week after mahmoud ahmadinejad was in new york, u.s. officials say
6:15 pm
the regime in tehran is allowing al-qaeda members to come and go as they please. senior u.s. official tells fox there has been concern that some al-qaeda based in iran have moved to other places. tom sanderson at the center for strategic and international studies is an expert on intelligence and terrorism and says it isn't just low-level al-qaeda on the move. >> there is indications that there are low-level and high-level. so the high-level guys are of greater concern. >> reporter: in 2001 after the u.s.-led invasion of afghanistan, many al-qaeda leaders fled to iran and were arrested. but tracking al-qaeda there has been a major challenge, intelligence black hole. >> we know it's problematic for us. and it's always been a little murky as to exactly how closely the iranian regime was monitoring al-qaeda and managing their activity. but seeing this loosening up, that is not a surprise at all. >> reporter: conventional wisdom is the shiite regime is generally hostile to the
6:16 pm
sunni terror group, but hoekstra says they share common goals. >> this is a marriage of convenience. al-qaeda has very, very specific objectives in terms of attacking the united states. iran, they want to create as much mischief for us as they can. >> reporter: regarding a threat of such alliance, experts say look at the role iran played supporting hezbollah and hall hamas. >> they provide them with technical assistance, money, weapons and training. >> reporter: another deadly example is support iran provided shiite groups in iraq. experts suggest iran is encouraging the al-qaeda fighters to go back to afghanistan to launch attacks there, because the regime is hoping to see the u.s. fail. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much, mike. california governor arnold schwarzenegger has to terminate big-ticket government spending. the president's supreme court nominee spent four years in the clinton white house. we're going to tell you what she was up to.
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>> shannon: reviews from senators, democrats and republicans, have been generally positive after meeting with supreme court nominee elena kagan this week, but justice anthony kennedy is not happy with the way some senators questioned candidates for high court. kennedy told an audience in florida that lawmakers should focus on whether or not a nominee would make a good judge. >> just the ask questions to figure out how a judge would rule on a specific question seems to me a rather short-term exercise. what you should ask is if the judge has the temperament, the commitment, the character, the learning. to assume those
6:21 pm
responsibilities. >> shannon: kagan has no judicial experience but she is a veteran of two administrations. we look at her record in the clinton years. >> reporter: in the second term for clinton drafted manuscript for race relations to be published under his name and it argued that urban policeman were disproportionately stopping and searching minorities and added to many examples, some horrific, to ignore the problem. reviewing that lack wage in 199 -- language in 1999, elena kagan urged it be stricken from the book writing in the memo margin i don't know what this refers to but i wonder whether we want to be arguing here. the episode showed kagan either because the underlying data was sketchy or political cancers didn't want to take on the law enforcement community and may be open to appeals as a supreme court justice. >> i have sat in many meetings with her, been involved in many conversations about difficult legal issues.
6:22 pm
she is, as i say, just uncommonly sensible and smart. >> reporter: she worked on gun control, native-american affairs, tobacco legislation and immigration reform. she advised mr. clinton who branded her memos with the distinctive left-handed check marks on ways immigrant can be permitted to detall deportation. most are approaching the issue cautiously, she said in 1998 -- kagan suggested he offer his own bill. >> i think one of her greatest strengths is consensus building. on the court, it's an important virtue, would be important virtue. i witnessed firsthand her ability to bring people together even when they didn't necessarily agree. >> reporter: kagan complained in writing when she believed another aide failed to acknowledge work done by kagan's staffers and went the agenda for one meeting was
6:23 pm
circulated with the space beneath all five topics left blank, kagan wrote to the boss, "i'm sure glad they sent this around." carl? >> shannon: maybe a little sense of humor there as well. >> here as well. >> shannon: thank you. >> we will find out what laura bush thinks of elena kagan when she joins chris wallace on "fox news sunday." here is a preview. >> how do you feel about president obama naming elena kagan to be the, if she is confirmed, third woman justice on the supreme court at the same time. >> i think it's great. i'm glad that there will be three if she is confirmed. i like having women on the supreme court. >> do you think it makes a difference? >> i think it does make a difference. i like women to be represented in all parts of american political and civic life. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: it has been said if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the
6:24 pm
problem. well, we know that most hispanic groups are against the new arizona immigration law. tonight, jim angle examines whether they have a better idea. we report, you decide. >> the royaling controversy over arizona immigration law put hispanic leaders in the center of the storm over what to do about illegal immigrati immigration. >> we believe immigration reform needs different elements, enforcement, legalization. >> we make it clear, if you hire them, you go to jail. >> jail employers but not the 11 to 12 million illegal workers already hear. >> people here that are law abiding, hart working, paying taxes have an opportunity to get in the back of the line and pay a fee and begin a process of the legalization.
6:25 pm
>> my solution, bring them out of the woodwork, find them, tax them. all right? tax them. >> we need to make sure that the steps are taken so they have opportunity to be citizens. >> they're careful not to use the word "amnesty," but critics say that's what it is. >> to make it sounds like it's tough and punitive and they'll be forced to pay taxes in the future is a way to dress up amnesty. even if you say you have to learn english and you have to pay a fine, you are giving them what they have stolen. that is amnesty. >> reporter: no matter what people call it, analysts say it makes president obama's promise to tackle immigration problems early on less likely and forces him to walk a tightrope. >> he wants to satisfy constituency groups demanding amnesty and on the other hand, he understands it's extraordinarily unpopular with the public and has no
6:26 pm
chance of passing congress. >> one of the authors says even the talk of amnesty makes it work, as it did with the last big amnesty as in 1986. >> why? people are here to declare they were already here to get the amnesty. >> even though they say it's understandable if the mexican americans would wonder if it's anti-hispanic than just anti-illegal immigration. proenforcement poll tixes says they have to keep that in mind if there is ever a political con ten sus osensus o the deal with illegal immigration. >> shannon: thank you, jim. the iranian cleric who blamed immodestly dressed women for earthquakes is at it again. you think items promoting the census would be made in the u.s. the truth about that next in the grapevine. whose idea was this? it says that when you buy a grand caravan, dodge will give you 60 days to decide if you want to keep it. that's ridiculous. look at it.
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suit up. ♪ [ beeps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it has everything so yocan do anything. ♪ >> shannon: now, fresh pickings from the political grapevine. house leaders are seeing red over seeing that the trinkets for 2010 census were made in china. they are asking for a congressional probe of the use of millions of taxpayer dollars to buy foreign-made census promotion. "it's deeply troubling with 10% unemployment the u.s. census department whose central responsibility it is to locate americans could not locate an american company to
6:31 pm
provide the caps and t-shirt." a bureau says they were purchased from american companies but conceded the firms may have bought material from overseas providers. bipartisan bill circulating in the house to block chinese-made goods from u.s. government contracts. president obama head of custom and border agency has his own problems. a memo written by democrats, says alan bersin did not complete forms to determine if they were eligible for work in the u.s. for any of the ten people who worked for him since 1993. chairman max baucus said it seems incredible. on the friday follow, remember the iranian cleric who blamed earthquakes on provokively dressed women? he took it a step further in friday prayers saying god may be holding off on the natural disasters in the west to let people doom themselves to hell.
6:32 pm
he says, "some ask why more earthquakes and storms don't occur in the western world, which suffers from the slime of promiscuity, god allows them to commit sins so they they go to the bottom of hell." ♪ ♪ >> shannon: on the road to recovery tonight, california governor arnold schwarzenegger announced a series of moves to try to close a huge hole in the state budget. correspondent anita vogel reports on desperate times forcing desperate measures. >> left with nothing but tough choices. >> reporter: that was arnold schwarzenegger today with a refused budget what he called unconscionable cuts in state programs. >> more and more of the dysfunction, same monster deficit and the same budget roller coaster ride of real reforms. >> reporter: schwarzenegger vowed not to raise taxes so facing a $20 billion budget gap entire programs,
6:33 pm
including large part of the state welfare system which served 1.2 million people are on the chopping block. cutting welfare would save the state more than $1 billion but it would be a tough sell in the democratically controlled legislature. >> what you are talking about here is a negotiation. in which the governor knows not everything he puts on the table will be in the final budget. >> reporter: while the governor is leading the charge for big spending cuts, the three people currently in the race to replace him are keeping quiet. >> there is nothing to be gained politically for candidate for governor to articulate in detail the spending cuts he or she would implement or worse the taxes he or she would raise. >> reporter: since most lawmakers are up for re-election this fall and with the legislature approval rating at 13%, they may have an appetite for change in sacramento. ultimately budget experts say the only thing that can save california is a rebound in the economy.
6:34 pm
with the state's unemployment rate over 12%, there simply isn't enough revenue to pay the bills. even schwarzenegger's ma massive cuts can only gain so much ground against this level of debt. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> shannon: the news for the national economy is better. retail sales up .4 of percentage point in april, seventh straight monthly rise. industrial production rose .8 of a point. both figures were larger than expected. wall street, though, didn't play along. the dow lost 162 3/4. the s&p 500 gave back 21 3/4. nasdaq dropped 47 1/2. the space shuttle atlantis has begun its final journey. atlantis blasted off on a trip to the international space station. it's the ship's 32nd and final mission. the shuttle fleet is being retired. after this flight there are only two more scheduled shuttle missions. this week in colorado springs, some true american heroes had their own mission. show that they can still compete despite the wounds of
6:35 pm
war. correspondent alicia acuna has the story of the warrior games. >> reporter: marine sergeant joseph smith left the battlefield of iraq and afghanistan six years ago after being crushed when a 40-pound container -- 450-pound container dropped on him. today, he's back. participating in the first annual warrior games, the olympics of the wounded military. >> c'mon, baby! >> reporter: this is his wife debbie. >> a great honor for me. i feel like i'm back in the corps and not just one of these guys lost by the wayside. the marine corps, we take care of our own. >> reporter: they compete in multiple sports, track and field, volleyball, basketball, swimming and archery. >> i think i'm a little overworked right now but i am going to do okay. >> we believe physical
6:36 pm
accomplishment and getting back in your life is big part of recovery. >> reporter: but not all injury are apparent. some competing here have traumatic brain injuries or post post-traumatic stress. >> we didn't want them to feel left out or their injuries weren't as serious as others. >> reporter: it's a collaborative event. don't mistakes spokesmanship with rolling over. marine lance corporal justice noelles and army sergeant wisky shared war stories and still room to talk smack. >> hands down, hands down. i'm way better than this guy. >> reporter: both men lost legs in afghanistan. for them and many others, the fight remains. >> it goes on, just because of something like that, the life doesn't stop. he's alive. that's the important thing. he's alive and here and that's what it's all about. >> reporter: organizers say the warrior athletes are
6:37 pm
already asking for more events. in the spirit of the olympics, winter games. in colorado springs, colorado, alicia acuna, fox news. >> shannon: true american heroes. well, president obama said changes are coming that will hopefully prevent another oil spill like the one right now in the gulf. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars right after this break. kids grow these days? that's why there's new danonino. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow.
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we have already spent over $450 million. we're throwing every resource required at this problem. and i think i ask people to judge us on what we're doing. not limits on liability but talking about doing what needs to be done. >> i know b.p. is committed to pay for the response evident effort and we will hold them to their obligation. i have to say i did not appreciate what i considered to be a ridiculous spectacle in the congressional hearings into this matter. >> shannon: a lot of news today and tough words on the oil spill on the gulf.
6:41 pm
bring in the panel to talk about it. stephen hayes, writer for sanderson, and mort kondracke, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, what do you make of the president's tough talk today? >> he says, "i do not appreciate." it's really not about him. i don't attack him on the policy. there is not much feds could do about the blow-out but the tone is remarkable and it's not unusual for him. there is something he seems unaware of, attacking the oil executives for blaming each other when his entire speech was laying the blame on everybody, of course, except himself. now he did say at one point, of course, the federal government is also responsible and then what did he say after that? the problem has been in the federal government for a decade. who does that mean? that mean means george w., of course, like everything else
6:42 pm
on earth. the father of all evil. then he said the secretary of interior salazar has been working on this from the beginning of the administration. if oh has, he hasn't done anything. clearly 11 days before the blow-out, hi department had given environmental waiver to b.p. i don't attack the interior department for doing that. they couldn't have predicted but the president always hovers above the issue and problem and hurl seu zeus bolts from above. >> shannon: okay, not a fan of the speech today. mort? >> what struck me is he said that domestic oil drilling continues to be part of the overall energy strategy, which means he is not caving in to the environmental left and say weg i'll cancel the decision on offshore drilling. he did say we have to make sure it never happens again.
6:43 pm
this is going to be the biggest environmental disaster in u.s. history, not world history but u.s. history. it's in the going to do to offshore drilling what the three mile island disaster did to nuclear power; that is to say, shut it down forever, then the steps have to be taken. i'm surprised he did not announce a commission today, that there should be 9/11 style commission to get to the bottom of this, assess blame and figure out what we have to do to make every drilling rig out there safe. >> shannon: he does usually favor commission or investigation. >> legitimate thing to do. >> shannon: steve, you said you saw passion out of him and you hadn't seen out of other topics that might warrant this. >> it's interesting me that the president could get so angry and worked up about this. i'm not trying to minimize
6:44 pm
it. i'm not saying it's not deserving of anger, not sure it's the right direction, but he doesn't get worked up with iran. last summer, 11 months ago, the regime putting down protests in the street and killing people and he didn't say that, instead he said decidedly the leaks of the administration officials he wasn't going to speak out because it would be meddling. we haven't seen the presidential anger, and it's interesting he's choosing now to do it. we saw it a little bit in the speech he gave on wall street. you see in the choices, time to choose to unveil his anger, i think you have own a lot about his priorities. it's interesting someone cool and calm, at least by reputation, cool and calm as obama is to choose those two times to do it. it's also interesting because we spent the better part of this spring talking about how anger and politics is unhealthy. if you read the mainstream media that's all we hear about. you see it in the "new york
6:45 pm
times," the investigation of the tea parties and of anger. i expect we won't see the same thing in the "new york times" tomorrow on the front page about how the anger is misplaced or inappropriate. >> shannon: we have interesting polling numbers when we look at how the public perceived how it's handled. first, how the president is handling the oil spill. 42% approve. 33% disapprove. and then how b.p. handling the oil spill? the numbers are almost flipped. 32% say they approve and 49% say they disapprove. do you think we will see a shift in the numbers at all, charles, if it continues to go on for weeks or months? >> i can understand the disapproval of the oil company because it's had no success in stopping the flow. as long as it does, the numbers will get worse and worse. if we had had success early we would haven't had any of this. it's unprecedent and truly in mild deep water, at the edge of our technology. so, there isn't a big repertoire of success in doing this. i think obama has had -- i
6:46 pm
think politically it works to get angry and say i don't appreciate what the oil companies are doing and make them the scapegoat, but we depend on oil and gulf is the source of the oil. one reason that the drilling is happening in the gulf that deep is his allies on the left, president's allies on the left won't allow it on the inter c continental shelf where it's more space or the arctic where it would injure seals and caribou if we had a spill as is happening on the gulf coast of the united states. >> i think there is one failure on the part of the government. that is to have accepted the low estimate of how big the flow will be. if you don't know how big the flow will be, you don't know what you have to do to protect the marsh lands against it. so to, it seems to me that there is something that the federal government should have done, brought in the
6:47 pm
laboratory in massachusetts, they've got a better technique for figuring out what the flow is than b.p. has. >> shannon: wrap it up there because we have a lot to jam in the light rining round. found out more at the friday lightning round coming up and your choice for topic of the week. stick around to see what it was. (announcer) we're in the energy business. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital-
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>> shannon: everybody week on "special report," the vetters discuss what to discuss first at the lightning round. the winner is prediction on the house and senate mid-term result. start with next week's primary. a couple big states. does blanche lincoln stay in
6:51 pm
her seat in arkansas? >> i think she does. there are two different polls but she has a nine-point lead over the lieutenant governor halter and one with a 12-point lead. it will be testy and he could pick up points because of the voter intensity. he is running to the left of her and could excite the left wing base, but i think she probably wins and goes on to face john boozeman in what will be certainly a widely watched general election contest. >> shannon: mort, you're keeping an eye on kentucky, where the top republican endorsed one and the tea party endorsed somebody else. >> trey grayson is the secretary of state and establishment candidate. mitch mcconnell, dick cheney, rick santorum, it goes that far right that his support is, but it's not good enough for the tea party people. there is a human sacrifice, a purification campaign going on in the republican party. he is a victim. rand paul, son of ron paul is going to win the primary and
6:52 pm
then he will lose the election in the fall. it serves the tea party people right. it should be a lesson to the republican party not to go that far right. all the tea party people doing is narrowing the republican base and not good for them. >> shannon: all right. charles, a big race that carl previewed for us, sestak and specter. >> specter, democrat -- >> democrat, republican, democrat. >> sometimes, some days forget what he is. in a couple of speeches he did. running against admiral joe sestak, member of the house. running on his left sestak is ahead in the polls. lately run one of the great ads in american history where he showed bush endorsing specter in 2004 i think, in the last election, which is devastating to the democratic state like thathat. i will go against the grain and say specter i think will pull it out because the
6:53 pm
democratic machine is going to work the philadelphia area and turn out to vote but i think he loses in the general election. that there is so much swerving and reversing that an electorate can take. >> shannon: that's the viewer topic. now elena kagan, no nominee to the court. did we learn anything new about her? will we? >> we learned very little. people expected this to be the nominee for weeks, and in some cases months. i think ultimately it was a good week for her because there wasn't anything that came out initially in the first week where people said wow! this could sink the nomination. she's got issues she will have to explain but nothing that was potentially sinking the nomination. >> republicans are throwing everything at the wall to see if anything sticks. the mo most absurd charge is she lacks judicial experience as
6:54 pm
if she's never been in court before. she's solicitor general and she knows what happens in the courtroom. >> do you like her softball stance? >> i do. she will make a goo in-fielder on the nationals. >> shannon: maybe last year. >> bench player. she's a down-the-road, middle of the road liberal. we learned nothing extreme about her. there is nothing to make my hair stand on end. president won the election, elections have the consequences, he's a liberal, she is a liberal. she is not out of the mainstream. i can't see anything that will stop her nomination that we know of now. so in the absence of a surpri surprise, she is a shoo-in. >> shannon: i want a quick response on issue of iran and wlosht whether or not it's helping out top members of al-qaeda or loosening the reins. >> this shouldn't news but it is because it hasn't been covered for years, senior membership of al-qaeda many of them have been in iran and formerly given safe haven now under loose house arrest. the report from the "associated press" this wheek
6:55 pm
is wheek -- week they're let go to replenish the ranks. this story should dominate news programs or newspapers across the country an not getting enough attention. >> it should be a point made by the administration to put heat on the iran i iranian government in negotiations. iranians are not going to be any significant sanks at the u.n. -- sanctions at the u.n. even brazilians are going to fight it. why they don't throw the book at iran i don't know. >> the administration has no intention of doing anything significant about iran and thus doesn't make it an issue because they'll look more weak than it is. the myth is that iran, shiite, is not going to cooperate with al-qaeda, which is a sunni that has always been silly because iran is the prime sponsor of hamas, the sunni, the arms that fund it and never had ideological or religious objections and finds allies where it can.
6:56 pm
al-qaeda is an excellent ally in attacking the great satan. >> shannon: excellent lightning round, gentlemen. thank you very much. stick around. that's it for the panel, but stay tuned. when you are looking to a solution for a tricky problem, some say it's best to go with a simple solution. but just how simple? we'll take a look. [ male announcer ] fact: every time you take advil liqui-gels, you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than tylenol rapid release gels. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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>> shannon: finally tonight, sometimes a tough problem is best solved with a simple fix, but just how simple is too simple? >> maybe this smaller dome is a miniature, my high tech intricate piece of technology? what do they call tnch a smaller containment box called a top hat. >> oh, my god. knows throw no, sir was right. great idea. >> only thing that keeps mr. peanut from spewing deadly peanut juice into the atmosphere. >> do you own top hats gentlemen? no top hats. i'm shannon bream. bret baier wil b


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